Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors (AZWW) was established by Steve and Terri Irwin in 2002. The aim of AZWW is to enable other passionate people to join their cause in the care and protection of wildlife, habitat and the environment. Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors is on the front line of wildlife conservation, helping to protect threatened or endangered species within Australia and around the world.

The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital was later opened in memory of Steve Irwin’s mum Lyn. It is here that a dedicated group of wildlife veterinarians, a hospital manager, vet nurses and volunteers all work around the clock to provide first-class care for sick, injured and orphaned animals. The hospital team are also active in wildlife research to know more about koala diseases, migration patterns and wildlife health management. The Hospital is located on site at Australia Zoo in Queensland.

From time to time AZWW invites us to Australia Zoo events. If you would like to be involved, come along and join in the fun, and know that you are helping to save and improve the lives of nature’s innocent victims.

Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital
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Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors