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Legal situations arise often in business. Co-owners of a business require a Shareholder Agreement to cover exit strategy and wealth distribution. The business is ready to lease commercial premises and needs a lease agreement. The entrepreneurial idea involves a Joint Venture or possibly a trademark. Then there is the unfortunate situation of dispute.

On the personal front there is the essential task of documenting the desired distribution of your assets in a Will. Have you thought about how your assets could assist your family after you have passed on? Have you nominated a relative or friend to act as your Power of Attorney or Guardian in the event that you are unable to take care of your financial affairs and your health?

You have a Business Plan. You have a Wealth Plan. Add one more to your bow – the Estate Plan.

In our opinion your legal and your financial affairs belong together. We already understand your business requirements and your personal financial position. Your legal matters are quite simply a logical extension.

With your interests at our core, we provide legal services that help you to plan your life every step of the way.


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Legal & Estate Planning Services

Business Law

Our highly qualified and experienced lawyers are equipped to assist you with your business needs.

Paul Alice has more than thirty years of experience working with small and medium size businesses, ranging from sole traders to corporations employing over 100 staff.

Business legal services cover a broad range of areas, primarily advice required in relation to buying or selling a business, and protecting your business as it grows.

Practical and essential legal requirements in business designed to minimise potential problems occurring include

1. Customer and Supplier Agreements
2. Partnership and Shareholder Agreements
3. Lease Agreements
4. Confidentiality and Non Disclosure Agreements
5. Employment Contracts

For all your legal requirements, talk to the advisors that already understand your business.

Employment Law

Our lawyers assist both employers and employees with legal matters relating to the workplace. In either case employment legal issues can be stressful and distracting, and also potentially very costly. Our lawyers endeavour to explore commercially realistic outcomes for our clients on either side.

As we see it, employees can be the greatest asset to a business or the greatest inhibitor to operational efficiency. Employers have obligations to their employees which are sometimes not realised, not prioritised, or even neglected. Our lawyers assist with setting up contracts and management tools which are transparent and designed to minimise conflict.

Areas of workplace law that our legal team is able to assist you with include

1. Employment Contracts
2. Independent Contractor Agreements
3. Non Disclosure / Confidentiality / Non Compete Agreements
4. Unfair Dismissal
5. Discrimination
6. HR Policies

Note: An unfair dismissal claim can destroy your business. If your business is faced with this issue, the message is to seek advice promptly to minimise impact to the extent possible.

Property Law

Buying, selling or transferring property is an important decision. You will achieve complete peace of mind knowing that you are in the best of hands when it comes to property.

Before entering into any property related agreement it is essential that you are well informed and are aware of any issues that may arise.

Our legal team offers the trusted expertise of a Licensed Conveyancer and Solicitor to see you through the property purchase process. Matters covered include

1. Commercial, Residential and Off the Plan Conveyancing
2. Contract Preparation or Review
3. House and Land Packages
4. Staged Development
5. Auction Enquiries

Pre settlement requirements are also attended to including

1. Building Certificates
2. Structural Reports
3. Strata Reports
4. Building and Pest Reports
5. Survey Reports

And finally we address property maintenance issues thereafter including

1. Commercial and Residential Leasing
2. Land Encroachments and Trespass
3. Easements, Covenants and Other Land Rights and Restrictions
4. Fencing Disputes
5. Caveats

We encourage you not to fly blind on the purchase, transfer or sale of your home and property investments. These are material transactions that carry high risk.

Wills & Estate Law

In our opinion a well-designed Will is one of the most important documents you will ever sign.

Your Will gives away a lifetime of assets and provides financial assistance to the chosen beneficiaries of your Estate. It is a living document that moves and updates with you as you journey through life.

The importance of this document to an individual and their family is very much underrated, and having either a poorly designed Will or none at all is ultimately very problematic for those you leave behind if you pass away.

Our lawyers are skilled in providing you with relevant and useful advice when it comes to formulating your desires for life after you. We focus on achieving practical outcomes that reflect your true intentions.

We cover the basics but also more complex circumstances such as providing for partners from a second relationship, children with disabilities, asset protection for vulnerable beneficiaries, management of the family business, or a complicated asset pool.

Ensure your lifelong assets help to take care of your family after your life. Don’t let a poorly designed Will create potential conflict and distance within your family. Engage with us to prepare your Will, or update your existing Will for a change in your circumstances.

In instances where individuals desire to contest a will or claim family provision orders, our lawyers will do their best to ensure that your matter is successfully resolved outside of court, avoiding the costs, time and stress of litigation.

Our legal team offers support, advice and services in these areas

1. Preparing Wills
2. Estate Planning
3. Power of Attorney & Guardianship
4. Family Provision Orders
5. Contesting Wills


If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of dispute for example with a shareholder, supplier, debtor or otherwise, our experienced and qualified lawyers can assist you to move as efficiently as possible through the process, with the aim first and foremost of achieving a mediated outcome.

Our legal team assists our clients with both personal and commercial litigation matters as either claimants or defendants. Alternative dispute resolution options are explored and the ultimate goal is to arrive at solutions that avoid expensive court appearances and enable all parties to move on as quickly as possible.

Where the parties cannot reach agreement, our lawyers offer you access to specialised barristers with whom they work on a regular basis, who can provide advice and representation in a wide range of legal areas and courts.

Our lawyers advise and appear for clients in these dispute areas

1. Shareholder Disputes
2. Contract Disputes
3. Property Disputes

The message is to avoid and prevent dispute by ensuring your legal documents are in place to protect your business from the start. If you don’t find yourself in dispute, hold back until you have the right advice on the matter at hand, as the situation can become much worse in the heat of the moment. Trust in us to see you clear of your legal issue.