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Achieve guaranteed tax effectiveness, accurate and reliable financial reporting, and efficient ATO & ASIC compliance management – not only at financial year end but the whole year round.

There is a lot for a business to deal with when it comes to tax and compliance. Such matters tend to take the business owner and their team away from maximising revenue, which is hardly beneficial to the business. Tax management is best left to the experts.

Our team of Chartered Accountants and Tax Agents provide high quality compliance services and tax advisory ensuring you remain in charge of your relationship with the ATO, and minimise your tax position for your business and your family.

The beauty of XERO accounting software extends to our tax practice. The entire process is supported by this powerful all-embracing software. When we lodge your tax returns in XERO, the ATO receives them in seconds. This is what we call a breakthrough in tax technology.

We keep you ahead of the tax game, and educate you to ensure that you understand your ATO obligations, and plan well to meet them on time, every time.


Lodge accurately and on time, avoid penalties and minimise tax …

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Tax & Reporting Services

Tax Minimisation

Minimise tax by discussing your options with us.

No one wants to pay more tax than they have to. No matter what your circumstances, chances are there is some tax minimisation options for you to consider. Possibly a business restructure, or a geared investment, for example.

Our mantra is to start implementing tax strategies in July at the start of the financial year, and revisit for tax planning before June.  At the end we assess your tax position, implement devices to improve it, and work with you to adjust them as your circumstances change.

It is very important that you take charge of your financial affairs well in advance of tax time, and save yourself hard earned dollars in tax. These savings can be redirected to your investments, improving your wealth position over time.

Minimise tax by discussing your options with us – sooner rather than later.

Income Tax Returns

We exceed your expectations.

Overdue or incorrect income tax return lodgements can lead to ATO audit and expensive penalties, not to mention becoming an ATO target for the rest of your days. Avoid the ATO spotlight and stay on top of your tax obligations.

We offer high quality tax minimisation, content preparation, and ATO lodgement services.

We take every level of care with all work submitted to the ATO. Returns are prepared with attention to detail and in line with your tax plan, ensuring you achieve the best possible outcome.

Individuals, Sole traders, Partnerships, Companies, Trusts, Self Managed Super Funds.

Fringe Benefits & Returns

Don’t get caught out on FBT.

If your business provides benefits to employees such as meals and entertainment, or access to a motor vehicle for private use, or perhaps employee discounts, you are required to be registered for fringe benefits tax, and to lodge an annual fringe benefits tax return.

Fringe benefits tax is an expensive tax, and an FBT audit on prior years of non-declaration by employers who provide fringe benefits to employees can lead to extreme penalties.

If you are unsure whether benefits provided to employees by your business are subject to fringe benefits tax and the impact this may have, we are here to help clarify and rectify this for you.

Don’t get caught out on FBT.

BAS / IAS / GST Returns

Get it right the first time around.

Monthly and quarterly GST and Payroll obligations come around fast. Non compliance and failure to meet ATO deadline penalties are applied at the same speed! The ATO is very strict in this area.

Deadlines matter, but equally important is accuracy of content. We cannot assume that because a GST report has been produced by accounting software that the figures are correct. Most certainly we cannot assume that the work of an external bookkeeper is correct. A thorough review of your business books and adjustment of errors is required before preparation of IAS, BAS and GST Returns.

We offer high quality BAS, IAS and GST Return preparation, reconciliation, revision and lodgement services. We also provide training in this area.

Avoid unnecessary ATO attention surrounding monthly and quarterly lodgements. Get it right the first time around.

ATO Debts

Trust in us to assist you.

Businesses can find themselves in the unfortunate situation of owing the ATO money. An ATO debt casts a dark shadow over your days. Dealing with the flood of colourful ATO debt collection letters can be confusing and difficult.

ATO debts are common. The trick is to avoid them in the first place. Which is not always possible, particularly for businesses whose performance is seasonal, or where an unforeseen event places pressure on otherwise healthy cash flow.

Talk to us so we can understand your situation clearly. We deal directly with the ATO in relation to payment plans, and support you through this process.

Trust in us to assist you in addressing ATO hurdles, and move forward with your business.

ATO Audits

ATO audit can happen to anyone at any time.

The ATO data matching program has become more sophisticated than ever, with advances in technology improving access to data. As a result, taxpayers have started to receive audit related letters for a variety of reasons that may not have existed in the past.

ATO audit can happen to anyone at any time. It is essential that declarations made to the ATO are accurate and able to be substantiated. ATO audit related material must be addressed promptly and with utmost care.

If you have received an audit related letter or similar from the ATO, contact us to review it. We can address it with the ATO on your behalf and advise you appropriately.

Financial Reporting

Be prepared for third party assessment.

Financial reporting is carried out at year end as part of your business accounting and taxation package. These reports may be required by parties that have an interest in your business such as shareholders, brokers, banks, or even a potential buyer.

Financial Reporting is the science of reporting the health and performance of a business externally to third parties. Financial Reporting is required by law for reporting entities. Accurate, reliable reporting is essential.

Be prepared for third party assessment.

Management Reporting

Get to know your business, every step of the way.

Management reporting is carried out throughout the year as part of your internal business reporting process. These reports are used by management to analyse the operational performance of specific business areas and apply strategies for improvement.

Management Reporting is the science of reporting the performance of business functions internally to management. Regular management reporting provides managers access to reliable, real time financial information on which to base their decisions.

Get to know your business, every step of the way.

Performance Reporting

Stay in tune with performance.

Performance reporting is carried out throughout the year as part of your internal business performance and KPI* assessment. These reports are used by owners to analyse the financials and apply strategies for growth.

The business owner’s daily obsession with the bank balance needs to be integrated with an understanding of revenue, net profit, and consistent cash flow management. Performance and KPI* assessment can reveal a wide range of useful information about the operational state, health and progress of your business.

Stay in tune with performance.

*KPI = Key Performance Indicators

ASIC Company Secretarial

We act as ASIC agent for your companies.

ASIC governs corporations. If you are the shareholder or director of a company, you need to ensure that your corporate register is up-to-date and stored safely on company premises.

Throughout the year and at financial year end the company register is updated with minutes documenting director and shareholder decisions on behalf of the company. Amongst other important documentation is changes to equity including share purchase, sale or transfer, and changes to officer appointments or details.

We act as ASIC agent for your companies, managing the secretarial side of your affairs to ensure the accuracy and safety of your corporate register and related requirements.


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