Surround Your Business with the Right People


At Minnik Small Business Hub our purpose is to provide a professional environment for like-minded business people to connect, to share their story and to inspire and be inspired by each other.

Leaving the corporate world and starting out in business can be a daunting and isolating experience.    No longer surrounded by colleagues, you suddenly find yourself completely alone faced with the overwhelming task of transforming your dream into a reality.   

To be sustainable, your journey in business must be rewarding and enjoyable.  Trying to do it alone will not only hold your business back, but is sure to lead to fast burnout.  The key is to surround yourself with the right people.

When meeting customers, a professional setting is essential.  It reflects on your performance, service and delivery in ways that cannot be underestimated.   The search for office space when options are limited can lead to “bouncing” from place to place and ongoing frustrations, which don’t reflect well on your business.   

We live in a fast-paced world of constant distractions.   Routine brings structure and discipline to our lives.  Working from home may seem ideal initially, but it soon takes its toll on the business owner.   Family commitments, the inability to switch off, and the accumulation of clutter in your home are all things that come to mind.

Growing a successful business is not as easy as people think.  It may not be easy but it does not have to be lonely.  It is time to step outside your comfort zone, to see your business as part of a broader network of people that share your vision of delivering the ultimate service.   It is time for you to collaborate.

Nothing of significance was ever achieved by an individual acting alone.

We challenge you to look to those around you and visualize your life without their support.  We have the opportunity to recognize and praise our support network, or act like we are capable without them.  While we may be capable, we cannot reach our full potential without our team.

John C Maxwell

Minnik Integrated Financial Solutions - Minnik Small Business Hub

“The idea to create the Minnik Small Business Hub came from my own journey growing a service based practice, and experiencing how hard it is during the interim phase to find a professional environment to advise your customers, and to mix with like-minded people for interaction and support.   Back then, access to a dynamic small business group and professional shared office would have been the perfect win-win solution for my business.  It is now my time to help others to achieve the same.” 

Leah Oliver CA – Founder & CEO
Minnik Integrated Financial Solutions

Meeting Room

Pricing excludes GST

2 Hours = $80

1/2 Day = $160

Full Day = $280

Board Room

Pricing excludes GST

2 Hours = $125

1/2 Day = $250

Full Day = $400

Hot Desk

Pricing excludes GST

Per Week $150

Per Month $550

Annual $6,000

Virtual Address

Pricing excludes GST

Per Month $100

Annual $1,100


Choice of Hot Desk or Dedicated
High-speed Internet Access via WIFI

Access to Printer / Scanner
85 inch TV for Presentations
Mailing Address

Access to Kitchen Facilities
Access to Breakout Area
Daily Cleaning

Location & Contact

Norwest Business Park | 5f / 5-7 Meridian Place | Bella Vista NSW 2153

0499 111 840