Maximise the Value of Your Business


Where is your business at now. Where do you want it to be in 5 years – in 10 years. You put your heart and soul into your business so you can bring home financial security for you and your family. What is your grand master vision?

A business is one of many assets that contributes to your overall wealth profile. There is more value to your business than providing an everyday wage if it is built and nurtured in the right way. Imagine if you owned a business that could be sold at any point in time. Every business owner must learn how to maximise the true value of their business.

We are passionate about business. Your business. It is your primary income generator, and must be respected as a valuable asset that will fuel your investment portfolio, your lifestyle, your personal goals, and ultimately your retirement plan.

A business owner with the right business model, a niche product or service mix, a sensational support network, and a positive energetic outlook is in a fantastic position to generate extensive wealth through their business. Our job is to help you to make it happen.

We are Business Advisors who work together with highly qualified and experienced Accounting, Tax, Finance and Legal professionals whose shared vision is to see you succeed in business.


Put your business on track – enhance the value of your primary asset …

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Free Consultation

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Business Advisory Services

Business Structures / Setup

Structure your business correctly from the outset, and start trading.

A business structure that is not in line with your goals and circumstances can leave your personal assets exposed to risk, create unnecessary tax expense, and ultimately result in an expensive restructure, often with capital gains tax and stamp duty consequences.

The idea is to obtain quality business advice before you start. Sole Trader, Partnership, Company or Trust – we educate you on the differences and provide advice on the pros and cons of a number of options, after careful consideration of your needs and goals.

Once your business structure is in place, we arrange registrations including ABN, TFN, GST and PAYGW, and we provide detailed instructions on how to set up your business bank accounts.

Structure your business correctly from the outset, and start trading.

Business Health Checks

Take care of the health of your business for best results.

Like an athlete your business needs to be at peak fitness for maximum performance. Your business may be showing signs of distress that you are not yet fully aware of, or perhaps very aware of but you are not sure how to fix the cause.

A business health check is the key to identifying areas of your business that could be draining valuable resources and holding your venture back from success.

We treat your business in the same way that a doctor would treat their patient. Our approach is entirely holistic. The first step is to assess the symptoms and diagnose the problem. We look at the reasons your business is showing symptoms, and we treat the cause.

Depending on the issues at hand, with some time and correction strategies applied, our processes bring your business back to health. Key ratios are applied to support the results.

Take care of the health of your business for best results.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Business that fly with the wind hit the ground fast.

Every business needs a budget and projected performance forecast. The budget controls spend. The forecast reflects revenue generation into the future. The end result is an understanding of net profit achievable within specific time frames.

Budgets and projections are used to assess whether a business is in a position to move in a certain direction to achieve a desired end. For example, hire a consultant to assist with a new project designed to increase sales by a certain amount, or purchase new technology aimed to improve efficiency and reduce costs over a set period of time.

Cloud technology enhances the accuracy of the budgeting and forecasting process these days, enabling faster decisions based on more reliable data.

Business that fly with the wind hit the ground fast. Journey with us, plan with care.

Cash Flow Management

A problem shared with us is a problem solved.

The amount of businesses that approach us to help them with cash flow problems is alarming. Cash flow restriction weighs your business down and holds it back from where it needs to go. Business owners often express to us that they find it difficult to accumulate and nurture cash.

Once a business starts to show signs of poor cash flow, correction strategies can be applied, but it must be understood that cash flow recovery takes time. Minimal cash flow leaves no room for emergencies, and a consequent cash flow crisis will break a business, despite otherwise healthy signs.

Cash flow management is an area that many business owners tend to underestimate, and somehow don’t see the need for. Insolvency is a major threat to business. It all comes down to education, moderation, and how well you manage your cash flow.

Don’t let insolvency destroy your business. Learn from us the importance of cash flow management and implement simple cash flow strategies to keep your cash in shape.

Streamlining & Systems

Your business is a machine. We oil it.

Busy businesses can stagnate over time. Employees become over comfortable in their chairs, or move on to more stimulating pastures. Technology is out of date. Traditional customer service methods dominate. And the advertising dollar is thrown away into thin air. Basically there’s a lot of moths in the room.

Streamlining is all about going back to basics. Ship out and shape up. Clean out and fix up. Maximise the use of existing valuable resources. And fill the gaps with new efficiencies.

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of building adequate systems. Your business must be fully systemised to the point where it is saleable, even if you don’t intend to sell – yet.

Your business is a machine. It needs to be well oiled and functioning efficiently before you can plan for new growth.

Debtor Management

Minimise debtor stress. Talk to us.

Every business at some point in time faces the problem of slow and even bad debtors. You have carried out the work and delivered the product or service, and then they just don’t pay. Meanwhile your suppliers are harassing you for payment and cash flow is tight.

The current business environment is very difficult. We find that many businesses don’t have appropriate customer contracts and terms and conditions in place to protect them from bad debtors amongst other unforeseen events. In addition, the time and dedication required to chase debtors means that the situation is neglected which over time makes matters worse.

We educate you on how to engage with your client up front to minimise the chance that your business won’t get paid for delivery. As for slow debtors, we chase them for you. For bad debtors, our debt collection services provider steps in and more often than not, you get your money.

Minimise debtor stress and talk to us about how to get those dollars in on time …

HR Human Resources

Trust in us to help you with all things HR.

HR professionals are known to say that if you couldn’t travel 8 hours in a car with a potential employee, don’t hire them. They also say that you should have at least 8 cups of coffee with the person to get to know their “real resume”.

It is common knowledge that if you get HR right your business will succeed to new heights. But if you get it wrong your business will suffer great hardship.

HR is an area that business owners find difficult. Whether it be hiring. Learning to live and work with the hire. Even firing. Then there is the myriad of HR legislation surrounding the whole arrangement. Now that’s complex.

Trust in us to help you with all things HR. A problem shared with us is a problem solved.

Strategic Business Planning

Learn from us the key principals to business survival, growth and success.

This is where the fun begins. You are fuelled up and ready to go. But you need a plan. It’s not an overnight plan. It is a carefully formulated strategic plan that is in line with your business vision and enables you to achieve your goals.

We assist you to understand the purpose of your business as a wealth generating asset, and to maximize its full potential. Periodically it is necessary to detach yourself from all the action and remind yourself of the purpose of your venture. To keep your business on track we look at where it stands now, and work towards where you want it to be.

This exciting and somewhat daunting chapter of your business journey is incredibly rewarding. Hard work of course. But worthwhile when you receive the right advice and take caution and care around every corner.

Learn from us the key principals to business survival, growth and success, how to manage your resources, and plan for your future …


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