Serena Ryan - Minnik Integrated Financial Solutions Associate - Marketing Specialist

About Serena

Serena Ryan is the Founder and Director of Serena Dot Ryan specialising in Facebook Ads Strategy, Digital Marketing Education and Campaign Execution.

With over 20 years experience in Marketing and Professional Services, Serena’s approach to Facebook and Digital Marketing is one of purpose.  Serena believes you should not be online without measurable direct business benefit.

Serena and her team work directly with clients to define their digital footprint, optimise what they have organically first and then do paid advertising.  Serena believes that if this process is not followed, people are leaving money on the table.  You don’t know what’s working unless you have the education and knowledge first.

Serena is a Contributing Writer for Social Media Examiner, the world’s largest Social Media Education Website and has a passion for financial literacy and education.

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    • Digital Marketing Certificate, ADMA IQ Association for Digital Marketing & Advertising
    • Bachelor of Commerce (Tourism Management) University of Western Sydney NSW
    • Bachelor of Communications (Specific Subjects) University of Technology Melbourne VIC
    • Mentored by Dennis Yu
Serena Dor Ryan