Henk Staal

About Henk & Jay

With over 35 years experience in IT project management, Henk has worked on IT projects across a broad range of business scenarios. Growing up at the dawn of information technology, Henk went from programming punch cards, to managing a roll out of a sophisticated post code system in The Netherlands.

Jay is the personification of the Google generation. Initially his passion for building sophisticated gaming systems drew him into the world of IT. Carefully researching and crafting entire business environments from the ground up since early 2008, Jay has the skills, the vision and the passion to take any business to the next level.

Henk and Jay from D3ST1NY IT Solutions combine forces and offer the ability to think from within the client’s business, using their knowledge of technology to create a unique customised solution. For almost a decade Henk and Jay have been empowering small to medium size enterprises with new technology. The team work closely with clients to ensure their business processes are simplified and automated where required.

Henk and Jay are in endless pursuit of improving productivity and performance for small to medium size business.

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